7 things you should never say to your wife

7 things you should never say to your wife


We all know the key to a successful marriage is communication but sometimes can say the wrong words in the heat of the moment. The following is a list of phrases wives would rather not hear from their husbands.

1. "You're not my type."


There's no need to be blunt and hurt your wife's feelings. If you're not attracted to her, say you're not interested.


2. "You're ugly."


This straight-up insult will only make your wife feel bad about herself.


3. "You're dumb."


This is another way of saying your wife is unintelligent and is not someone you respect.


4. "You're lazy."


If your wife is trying her best, but you still think she's lazy, she will feel discouraged and unvalued.


5. "You're boring."


If your wife feels like she's not good enough for you, she will become discouraged and may even start to doubt herself.


6. "You're not good in bed."


This is a sure way to make your wife feel self-conscious and insecure in the bedroom.


7. "You're not worth it."


This is the ultimate insult and will make your wife feel like she's not good enough for you.