How is this working?

After the registration process you need to verify your mobile number or email address. Next you can log in to your account. before checking other members you needs to complete your profile first. there are some required fields you needs to complete. After that you can check each member's full profile from the "Active Members" in menu. If you like someone you can express interest to that person and a notification SMS will be sent from the system to that person.  After He/She accepts your interest you can message each other. If you are a premium member you have some special benefits. Our advanced matching system will automatically match you with our members and it will show your matching score and you don't needs to wait till they accept your interest. you can message them directly.

How to register with RanMudu.com?

How to register on RanMudu.com? Desktop/Laptop (English)

How to upload profile picture?

Please click on "My Profile" from the top menu or "Manage Profile" from left menu. 

Then click on "Choose File" and upload your picture and click "Next" on bottom right corner. Ones we approve your image it will be visible for other members.

How to change language?

Please click on language icon on right side and choose your preferred language. We are using google translator. So if any translated word is wrong please understand.